Adjustable Back: The back of a garmet that has multiple settings to allow for individual sizing preferences. Typically adjustments are made with hook-and-eye closures.

Adjustable Straps: "Shoulder straps located on bras, shapewear, chemises, slips and other undergarments that allow for shortening or lengthening to provide wearer with the perfect fit."

Animal Print: "Fabric pattern inspired by wildlife such as zebras, leopards and tigers."

Babydoll: "Short nightdress usually designed with an empire cut waistband, loose and swaying skirt section falling anywhere between naval and mid-thigh. Sometimes features lace, ruffles, bows, ribbons and spaghetti straps. Also usually made from sheer fabric like lace or chiffon."

Back Closure: "Part of bra or undergarment that secures in the back, usually with adjustable closures."

Back Seams: Stitched seam running from heel to buttock on the back of stockings or shapewear designed to give the leg a sexy line and lean appearance.

Bikini: "Panty style with more coverage than a thong but less than a brief. Typically sits below the navel and on the hips but is slightly higher than a low-ride or hipster cut. Its sides are usually high cut with either strings, bands or thin fabric separating the front and back coverage areas."

Bodice: "Portion of garment that covers the upper part of a woman's body, including the breasts."

Bodystocking: Form fitting garment made of nylon or fine mesh that covers the entire body from neck to ankle or toe.

Bodysuit: Garment made from opaque stretchable fabric that covers that covers the entire body from neck to ankle or toe. Similar to bodystockings.

Boning: Structure stitched into garments as support to create a defined waistline and shapely torso.

Boyshort (Boyleg): Panty designed with higher cut leg holes and lower riding waistline. Legs usually rest just above or at the buttock-thigh crease with the waist on or below the hip.

Brassiere (Bra): Undergarment designed to provide shape and support for the breasts.

Bra Cup (Cup): The fabric that surrounds and supports the breasts.

Bustier: "One-piece garment that uses flexible boning to give a desired shape. Its lenght varies, going from the bust to anywhere between the rib cage and hips."

Camisole (Cami): "Light garment fashioned to wear under blouses that covers from bust to waist. Usually sleeveless, camisoles traditionally offer little if any breast support. Cami sets include a thong or g-string."

Chantilly Lace: "Delicate ornamental lace usually in black or white with an outlined design pattern. Typically floral, these designs are sometimes used to embellish women's underwear and are also common in wedding gowns."

Charmeuse: "A shiny, opaque fabric."

Chemise: Sleveless undergarment or loose-fitting dress that hangs straight from the shoulder without a waist. Also known as a nightdress.

Chiffon: "Extremely light, thin and sheer fabric usually made of nylon, rayon or silk."

Choker: Accessory designed to wear tightly around the neck as an elegant alternative to a necklace.

Corset: "Tight-fitting and body-enhancing undergarment, usually with boning, designed to cinch the waist and lift the breasts."

Criss-Cross Straps: "Straps on bras, shapewear and undergarments that create an X in the back."

Crochet: Large open patterned knit.

Crotchless: Style of panty with an open crotch area or slit in the crotch for easy access.

Demi Bra/Cups: "Fabric triangle of a bra that covers the breast, designed proportionate to half a full cup, typically running straight across the breasts just above the nipple and has a low centre front."

Dot Net: Fabric which is sheer and designed with opaque spots equidistantly spaced across the fabric in a pattern.

Dotted Swiss: Raised and evenly spaced dots embroidered onto sheer material.

Embroidery: Decorative designs made from needlework or machines.

Eyelash Lace: The edge of fine lace with loose strands that resemble eyelashes.

Fishnet: Open mesh fabric that has appearance of netting and often used to make stockings.

French Cut: Cut of panty or stocking with high curve over the thigh to the waistline.

French Net: Mesh fabric that is six-sided and coarse.

Fringe: "Garment decoration consisting of parallel thin fabric strips, strings or other material sewn closely together."

Front Close: "Type of bra closure that is usually hook, barrel or clasp that rests between the breasts in the centre front."

Full Brief: Panty style that rests on the waist and has full botton coverage with a low leg line.

Full Bra/Cup: Bra with fabric cup covering and encapsulating the entire breast.

G-String: Type of panty similar to a thong where the front fabric panel is connected by very thin string-like band of fabric or elastic that rides along the hips or just below and fits between the buttocks.

Georgette: A type of fabric that is traditionally made from silk, although synthetic fibers such as polyester are sometimes used as well.  The thing that makes georgette fabric distinctive is the crinkly crepe-light texture, which feels slightly rough and dull, but gives the fabric a bouncy, flowing look.

Gown: "Long dress or sleepwear item, usually floor or ankle length."

Garter: Garment designed to wear around the thigh and hold up stockings. Usually elastic with a silk or lace cover.

Garter Belt: Intimate accessory that fits around the waist or hips with straps to hold up thigh-high stockings. The back and straps are typically adjustable.

Halter Neck (Halter): "A dress, bra or undergarment style with fabric wrapping behind and around the neck for support leaving the upper back and shoulders bare. Halters may tie, clasp or be an uninterrupted piece of fabric that slides over the head."

High-Cut Panty: Panty style cut high over the thigh and sides but with total back coverage.

Hipster: Panty style that is cut low in the front and back.

Hook Back: A term for garments that secure in the back with usually one or multiple hooks.

Hook Front: A term for garments that secure in the front with usually one or multiple hooks.

Hoisery: Socks and stockings.

Hot Pants: Shorts or panties that ride just above or at the bottom buttock crease.

Kimono: "Japanese inspired light and loose robe that is traditionally floor length, though current styles offer shorter varieties."

Lace-Up Back: Garments laced up in the back for decoration or an adjustable fit.

Lace-Up Front: Garments laced up in the front for decoration or an adjustable fit.

LaméA brocaded fabric woven with metallic threads.

Lining: A layer of fabric sewn into the underside of a garment designed to add comfort and create smooth lines.

Lycra: Extremely elastic synthetic fiber .

Mesh: "A type of fabric -synthetic, woven or knit -that is full of fine evenly spaced holes like a net."

Microfiber: "Extremely fine synthetic fiber woven into lightweight, washable and breathable fabrics that hold shape extremely well."

Negligee: Nightgown or undergarment made of thin and usually sheer fabric.

Net: Open-mesh knit or woven fabric.

Nylon: Extremely strong synthetic material that is easily washed and wrinkle-resistant.

Opaque: Fabric that is impervious to light and cannot be seen through.

Open Bust/Tip: "Style where little or no coverage is provided over the breast and nipple. In general, open bust means there is no cup whatsoever whereas open tip usually means there is a cup but with an opening over the nipple area."

Open Rear: "Style referring to the absence of coverage, fabric, elastic or strings over or between the buttocks."

Padded Bra/Cups: Bra or undergarment where the material covering the breasts contains padding or liquid that are sometimes are removable.

Panty: A general term for women's undergarments. Panties come in a variety of styles but are specific to coverage of the female region.

Pantyhose: "Hoisery of nylon, silk or other material that stretches to fit next to skin and covers legs from hip to toe or, with open foot."

Plus Size: An extra long or oversized clothing size.

Pecupsek-a-boo: Bra cups designed with slit or openings that partially exposes the breasts or nipples. Sometimes known as Peek-a-boo.

Push-Up Bra/Cups: Bra cups with padding or wires designed to enhance and push up breasts to create a flattering cleavage.

Rayon: A synthetic textile fibre made from cellulose.

Ribbed: A style of fabric with raised ridges running parallel to one another usually made into form fitting designs.

Robe: "A loose outer garment worn as loungewear or dressing gowns, for warmth and confort."

Satin: Shiny fabric made of silk or rayon which has a smooth glossy finish and dull backing.

Scallop Edges: Undulating pattern on a decorative fabric used as trim or to create interesting lines at the edge or hem of garments.

Seamless: A style of fabric or garment designed and created without seams or lines to create smooth appearances and for comfort.

Sequins: Small round flat pieces of shiny metal or plastic sewn onto clothing to add shimmer and reflect light.

Shapewear: Modern term for fitted women's underwear designed to hold part of the body in a particular form.

Sheer: "Thin, fine and transparent fabric."

Shimmer: "Reflective finish on fabric, usually satin, that creates a subtle shine effect."

Silk: Fine lustrous fibre woven into thread to make fabric that is produced by silkworms when creating cocoons.

Slit: Narrow vertical split in the fabric usually added for ease of movement and as decoration.

Soft Cup Bra: Style of bra without underwires or structured cups.

Stockings: Hoisery styled from above the knee or mid-thigh to toe.

Stretch Lace: Lace designed with stretch ability to create form fit.

Strapless: "Bra, shapewear, bustier or any garment without shoulder straps."

Snap Crotch: Method of closure in shapewear or panties where crotch area snaps open and close.

Spandex/Lycra: Synthetic stretch fabric of fiber made from polyurethane. Lycra is a brand of spandex.

String Bikini: "Bikini panty with high cut leg line, thin string sides and full back coverage."

Suspender Belt: "Similar to a garter, suspender belts are designed to secure at the waist and have straps to clasp to stockings."

Tanga: Lingerie pant style that has thin straps across the hips. Similar to boyshorts but slightly higher in the waist and lower in the leg.

Tank Top: Sleveless shirt.

Teddy: "One-piece undergarment serving as both bra and panty, usually with a thong back."

Teddiette: Teddy with detachable garters to hold up stockings.

Thong: Underwear style with thin fabric back that rests between the buttocks.

Tie Back: Type of closure involving ties or laces that ties or unties in the back.

Tie Belt: Sash or fabric used to tie a robe or Kimono that holds it closed.

Tie Front: Type of closure involving ties or laces that ties or unties in the front.

Tube Top: "Type of shirt or blouse that hungs the body, is strapless and covers the breasts and part or all of the midriff."

Underwire: Metal or silicone shaped U that resides under the cup of a bra and provides support.

V-Front (V-Neckline): Particular cut of shirt or garment where the neckline plunges down in a V shape and usually shows the cleavage area.

Velvet: "Cotton, silk or nylon fabric with a dense soft and usually lustrous pile and plain underside."

Viscose: Type of rayon with a soft and silky feel made from a cellulose solution.

Zip/Zipper: Type of closure and fastener consisting of two rows of interlocking metal or plastic teeth with an attached pull-tab to open and close the fastener.

Zipper Front: Garment with zip closure that opens and closes in the front.

Zipper Hidden: Garment with zip closure sewn into the seam and hidden with an overlapping fabric.